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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Want to be apart of ETS pilot? Contact Teresa Egan! #TLE #teachliveconference2016

via Instagram http://ift.tt/22AVnLG

ETS and Mursion are sharing their elementary avatars and released task for teacher observation! #TLE #teachliveconference2016 see it live now! http://ift.tt/25DhBlz

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Teresa Egan from ETS and Carrie Straub from Mursion sharing their great work! #TLE #teachliveconference2016 watch now! http://ift.tt/25DhBlz

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Connecting TeachLivE with NSF funding! Hear more with our live streaming! #TLE #teachliveconference2016 http://ift.tt/25DhBlz

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Love listening to Dr. Joan Walker! You can too! ETS is next! http://ift.tt/25DhBlz #tle

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Http://ustre.am/1whvg We are streaming LIVE with Joan Walker! #TLE #Teachliveconference2016

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We have a new live streaming link! Http://ustre.am/1whvg

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Can't wait to see everybody today! Registration starts at 2 PM. #TLE #teachliveconference2016

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